SEO and SEA trends 2021: interview of experts

Google's algorithm is changing and evolving every year, and it is hard to understand it and to follow up with the ranking rules and best practices. That's why we decided to interview two experts in SEO and SEA, Marco Genaro Palma and Léa Soller. They both work for the webmarketing agency Digiberries, specialized in Google Ads and SEO. They have been ranking hundreds of websites since they started working together in this field around 8 years ago.

SEO trends and SEA trends for 2021


SEO is a technique that is helping you to rank better in Google’s search results. We know that in 2020, 75% of Internet users didn’t scroll Google's first page until the bottom. Thus, websites want to rank amongst the first search results, and to do so, they must align with the SEO rules and best practices. According to our SEO specialist, we need to monitor the changes that Google makes every year.

It is the same for the SEA and more specifically Google Ads. Indeed, the algorithm is also changing every year, and sometimes a few times a year. The main trend is automatic bidding.

In this article, we have interviewed both Léa and Genaro about the trends of 2021. They are both digital nomads, and Léa created a blog called Digital Nomade in French, in order to help other people to become digital nomad with tips and advices.


Thanks to Léa and Genaro, we now know more about the digital trends. It seems clear that AI / machine learning is impacting both SEO and SEA this year and that it will be part of our life in the future.