Restaurant SEO

"Succesful SEO is not about tricking Google, it's about partnering with"




We've many years of experience on SEO. We've worked with leading companies in different sectors and we've managed to drive them to the top in Google and other search engines.


Gastronomy sector is very accesible when it comes to SEO. Therefore, we know that with effort and constant work, we can take your restaurant to the highest positions on Google.


Great content is the key in which concerns restaurant SEO. Many times our clients do not have anyone to create it your website. That's why we can take care that it and to develop quality content adapted to your restaurant needs.


External links are one of the key points for positioning your restaurant. That's why, we have gastronomic blogs and other relevant contacts that will make it much easier.

"Social might be sexi, but search still pays the bills"

How does it work?

Contact us

The first step is to get in touch. It is important that we know everything about your business to be able to take you to the highest positions.


Next stage is to do a SEO audit for you. It's a detailed analysis of your website to analyze what aspects can be improved and what modifications must be made.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is another key point in our work. It allows us to know what are users looking for in Google. It will help us to develop a solid marketing plan.

Positioning Analysis

We'll study your initial positioning in the keywords that we're interested in. Logically, we need to know what is your starting point to know in which ones we should improve and to be able to measure results in the future.


Depending on whether you have a web developer or not, we advise on the changes that must be made on your web page, or we make them ourselves.

Monthly Control

We mesure your progress month by month. As we implement new actions and publish new content, we send you reports so you know how your project progresses and your positioning in the search engines.

"Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first"

Why hire our SEO services?

  • Improve your positioning on Google will multiply your bookings through your website.

  • It will increase the your restaurant visibility and will make you more competitive.

  • We will create quality content to highlight your restaurant (or bar) specialties and its most positive aspects.

  • We keep you informed with monthly reports, so you know how your website traffic increases and how it improves your positioning in the keywords which you're interested with.

"A website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon"



Standard SEO Service

  • SEO Audit non included
  • Keywords Analysis
  • 2 articles per month
  • 50 Keyword Analyzed per month


Premium SEO Services

  • Audit SEO included
  • Keyword Analysis
  • 4 Articles per month
  • 100 Keyword Analyzed per month
  • SEO Analysis for 5 pages by month


Extra-Premium SEO Service

  • SEO Audit + Keyword Analysis
  • 8 Articles per month
  • 200 Keywords analyzed per month
  • SEO Analysis for 10 pages per month

"The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google Search"

Restaurant SEO

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